At Helsinn, we are driven by our commitment to respect, integrity and quality and this also applies to our online interactions. To ensure we maintain excellence in ethical, legal and regulatory standards on our Twitter page, we have created the guidelines below for those who interact with the @HelsinnGroup.


Helsinn welcomes fellow Twitter users following, retweeting, commenting and sharing our content. We do not commit to replying or commenting on third parties’ posts and comments and are not responsible for content altered via retweets by other Twitter users. In particular, we may decline to respond in the following scenarios:

  1. Helsinn cannot engage in discussing with followers financial, legal, medical or regulatory issues.
  2. Due to healthcare regulations, Helsinn cannot engage in discussing with followers personal medical queries, such as specific treatment options. It is always advisable to seek such guidance directly from a  healthcare professional
  3. Helsinn cannot engage in discussing with followers about products, services, devices, ours or other companies.


  1. Helsinn reserves all rights relating to the @HelsinnGroup Twitter account, including, without limitation, modifying, discontinuing or deleting part or all of the contents of the account, or the account in full.
  2. Twitter accounts following Helsinn or that Helsinn follows are not an indication of an endorsement of such accounts and/or of the relevant content.

Links or references to external websites included in Helsinn's tweets are not necessarily an endorsement of such websites or the relevant content.