Focused on improving the lives of our patients

Our commitment to the quality of life of our patients has remained constant throughout the years. It is at the forefront of our work. Helsinn is focused on developing the highest quality products to help ease the burden of patients. 
We collaborate with leading pharmaceutical and research partners to deliver highly efficient therapies to as many patients as possible.

People are the foundation of our business

We strive to provide a stimulating and enjoyable work environment where each of us can thrive.  
Helsinn’s efforts to provide our people with regular and external training as well as our emphasis on providing a safe and healthy work environment are contributing factors to the quality of life of our staff.

Contributing to the progress of the regions where we are based 

As a good corporate citizen, we want to expand our impact beyond our business and support the advancement of our local communities. We participate in a variety of activities ranging from sports to education, cultural events and charitable initiatives. 

Improving our environmental performance

We continuosly improve upon our environmental performance, driven by the goal of becoming Carbon Neutral throughout Helsinn’s entire operations. 

Our natural gas consumption is stable; approximately 80% of the electricity we use is obtained from renewable sources; and heating oil is not used in any of our buildings.

Overall, we have substantially improved our CO2 environmental impact and have put in place stringent measures to constantly reduce the environmental footprint of our operations.

Committed to ethical, social, and environmental responsibility

We have established and maintain an effective Compliance Program, developed in accordance with applicable laws, regulations, Helsinn policies and industry codes, in order to promote a culture of quality and regulatory compliance.

Creating value for our main stakeholders 

We aim to generate profits so as to redistribute much of the value we create back to our employees, suppliers, governments, shareholders and charitable contributions.