Direct sales in the US

Through Helsinn Therapeutics, our direct commercial presence in the US addresses unique patient needs through a diverse portfolio of specialty products. Our organization thrives on strong engagement with key opinion leaders and decision makers in Oncology and Dermato-Oncology. By fostering collaborative relationships, we stay at the forefront of medical advances and ensure that our patients receive the best care.

Our journey extends beyond specialties. With broad experience ranging from rare diseases to blockbuster brands, we navigate across therapeutic areas. Our commitment to innovation drives us to explore uncharted territories in search of solutions that transform lives of patients with cancer and chronic diseases at every stage of their journey.

We have an established track record of building capabilities and leveraging strategic partnerships to drive growth. Our agility allows us to quickly adapt to the ever-changing market landscape, seizing opportunities and overcoming challenges.

Behind our success is a nimble and experienced management team. Our organization is scalable, equipped with key functions ready to launch and enhance specialty products.

Indirect sales through our partners

Our extensive global network of commercial Partners is what enables us to reach patients worldwide. We carefully select our local partners based on a set of criteria including but not limited to shared values, strength of coverage in local markets, and strategic fit of the partnership. 

Throughout the product life-cycle, Helsinn works closely with commercial partners and healthcare professionals to provide tailored services ranging from disease education, international marketing, market access activities, regulatory and legal advice, through to field sales and product promotion support.