Our Group Ethics and Compliance functions play a critical role in designing and maintaining our robust compliance program.

Helsinn’s Compliance Program includes:

  • Compliance Officers and Business Ethics Board charged with the responsibility for operating and monitoring the Compliance Program 
  • Regular education and training programs for applicable employees 
  • A reporting process to collect concerns and ask questions 
  • Policies and procedures to protect the anonymity of employees who raise concerns (as applicable) and to prohibit any form of retaliation against them 
  • Use of audits and routine monitoring activities to monitor compliance and identify and address risks 
  • Enforcement of compliance obligations through policies that include corrective measures or penalties for non-compliant behaviors 
  • Mechanisms to promptly and properly investigate and respond to reports of non-compliance, including processes to initiate corrective measures and to report offenses to the relevant authorities where appropriate.

Standards and policies

Sounds ethics is a good business. At Helsinn we hold ourselves and conduct our business to high standards of fairness, honesty and integrity.
Our standards of business integrity are set forth in our Code of Conduct and Ethics. To further prevent violations of those standards, Helsinn circulates more detailed directives, guidelines and policies.