Lugano, Switzerland, June 1, 2015 – Helsinn, the Swiss Group focused on building quality cancer care, announces today that its recently launched Helsinn Integrative Care division is meeting the cancer community at booth 6033 at the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) Annual Meeting, May 29-June 2, Chicago, Illinois.

A growing number of cancer patients seek supplements and herbs to address cancer or cancer therapies related issues without their oncologist’s support and awareness, posing the problem of self-management in the delicate field of cancer care.

Helsinn Integrative Care aims to bridge the gap between patients’ growing interest in self-management and better tolerance to the adverse effects of cancer and its treatments, and the lack of clinical evidence and oncologist support for the use of these products. Helsinn Integrative Care seeks to bring “qualified” products to market which support the areas of highest patient needs but are backed with solid evidence.

Helsinn Integrative Care has a portfolio of products including Gelclair®Helsinn’s oral gel to relieve the pain of oral mucositis. The company is investigating a range of products presently in development for the U.S. market, from XonRid, a topical gel for radiotherapy-induced dermatitis, to amIXea, a soluble mix including the nine essential amino acids for musculoskeletal support. Helsinn, as a trusted provider of cancer-supportive care products, believes that it has an important role to play in signposting quality within this expanding new market.

The company’s long-term vision is to offer options to people with cancer in all of their needs, not only with pharmaceutical products but also through medical devices, supplements and medical foods. Historically, Helsinn has a leading position in cancer supportive care with market-leading cancer supportive care products such as Aloxi® (palonosetron), for chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting (CINV) and Akynzeo®, Helsinn’s new oral fixed-dose combination of a highly-selective NK1 receptor antagonist, and palonosetron, a 5-HT3 receptor antagonist.

Helsinn Integrative Care looks forward to welcoming you at ASCO booth 6033 and introducing you to its strategy and products.

About Helsinn Integrative Care

Helsinn Integrative Care is a business unit of Helsinn Healthcare SA, which seeks to address a growing demand among people with cancer for evidence-based, non-pharmaceutical cancer-supportive care products.

Helsinn Integrative Care aims to develop and bring to market products supported by robust clinical data which will support both patients and healthcare providers in making informed choices about cancer management.

People with cancer, and cancer survivors, are increasingly looking to manage better their symptoms and optimize their health status by accessing a growing market for medical devices, herbal extracts and medical foods. However, many of these products are not supported by clinical evidence and more than two-thirds of oncologists are unaware that their patients are using them.1

Helsinn Integrative Care’s Marketed products include Gelclair®, an oral gel to relieve the pain of oral mucositis. The company is also developing a range of products to contribute to the better management of a wide range of cancer treatment side effects.

Helsinn is a family-run, privately owned pharmaceutical group focused on building quality cancer care with a large portfolio of products and believes that responding to patient demand with quality, science-based non-pharmaceutical products is the best way to help people with cancer get the most out of every day.

1. Bell M., A Review of Complementary and Alternative Medicine Practices Among Cancer Survivors, Clinical Journal of Oncology Nursing, Sept. 2009

About the Helsinn Group

Helsinn is a family-run, privately owned pharmaceutical group focused on building quality cancer care with a large portfolio of products. Founded in 1976 with headquarters in Lugano, Switzerland, Helsinn also has operating subsidiaries in Ireland, and the United States and a representative office in China. Helsinn’s business model is focused on the licensing of pharmaceuticals, medical devices and nutritional supplement products in the therapeutic area of cancer care.

Helsinn Group in‐licenses early‐to‐late stage new chemical entities, completing their development by performing preclinical and clinical studies and associated manufacturing activities. Helsinn then prepares necessary regulatory filings in order to achieve marketing approvals worldwide. Helsinn’s products are out‐licensed to its global network of marketing and commercial partners that have been selected for their local market knowledge and high ethical standards. Helsinn supports these partners by providing a full range of product and scientific management services, including commercial, regulatory, and medical marketing advice. In March 2013, Helsinn established a new commercial organization within its subsidiary, Helsinn Therapeutics (U.S.), Inc., in order to conduct direct sales and marketing activities within the U.S. market. Helsinn’s products are manufactured according to the highest quality, safety, and environmental standards at Helsinn’s GMP facilities in Switzerland and Ireland from where they are then supplied worldwide to customers.

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