Findings from an online survey that captured experiences and insights about unintended weight loss and its burden among 95 patients living with non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC).

Helsinn Therapeutics (U.S.) Inc., the pharmaceutical group focused on building quality cancer care, and patient network PatientsLikeMe has unveiled findings from an online survey that captured experiences and insights about unintended weight loss and its burden among 95 patients living with non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). The study illustrates the importance of managing weight loss in cancer patients and is being presented in a poster at the Palliative Care in Oncology Symposium in San Francisco.

Unintended weight loss is known to negatively impact patients’ lives by reducing physical functioning, tolerance to anticancer therapy, quality of life and survival. Despite the poor prognosis and high prevalence, therapeutic interventions for unintended weight loss in cancer remain limited. The main objectives of the study were to characterize and compare the burden of NSCLC patients who reported considerable weight loss (≥ 5% of their body weight in the past 6 months or ≥ 2% for a BMI less than 20 kg/m2) with those who did not. Additionally, patient perspectives on how they view the importance and impact of weight loss were collected by asking open-ended questions modeled after the FDA’s Patient-Focused Drug Development Initiative. Study participants with self-reported, advanced NSCLC were recruited and surveyed on PatientsLikeMe.

As compared to participants without weight loss, study participants with weight loss reported significantly lower overall quality of life, worsened anorexia-cachexia symptoms and concerns, and higher symptomology, specifically fatigue, nausea and appetite loss. For patients with weight loss, changes in food taste, fatigue and a decrease in appetite were the most frequently reported symptoms with the greatest impact on their lives. Primary worries for these patients included loss of energy and disease progression.

Patients who lost considerable amounts of weight also voiced concerns about what worried them the most about weight loss (“I’m going to die faster, because my cancer will consume an unhealthy body, quickly”); the specific activities that are important to them but could not do anymore, or as fully because of their weight loss (“Don’t have the energy to clean the house and it is a struggle to make meals”; “Not being able to eat like I used to. I enjoy food so much.”); and other themes, such as the downsides to current treatments for their weight loss, and how it affects their daily lives (“Make it hard to cook for family”; “Feeling pain and constipation”; “Not being able to drive bothers me the most. It makes me feel helpless”; “For me, depression is a big downside”).

The study’s lead author is Eileen Mack Thorley, PatientsLikeMe Research Scientist. Authors from Helsinn include Dimple Aggarwal, John Friend and Elizabeth Duus. The poster is Abstract #17332: Experience of Weight Loss and its Burden in NSCLC Patients: Results of an Online Survey.

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