Health and safety is a key priority, with a Zero Incident Rate the objective in all our facilities

At Helsinn, we are committed to promoting a safe and healthy workplace, reducing risks, preventing illness and supporting employees in their health and safety at work.

Helping support staff with health and wellness

Helsinn Group was awarded the Global CEO Cancer Gold Standard™ accreditation in September 2015. This important initiative is a workplace-based wellness accreditation program that provides a framework for employers to lower the risk of cancer, detect it early, and ensure access to high-quality care when it is diagnosed.

The CEO Cancer Gold Standard™ focuses on five critical areas, known as the Five Pillars:

  • Pillar #1 Prevention (Tobacco-Free Workplace, Nutrition, Physical Activity, Healthy Weight, Vaccines)
  • Pillar #2 Screening
  • Pillar #3 Cancer Clinical Trials
  • Pillar #4 Quality Treatments and Survivorship
  • Pillar #5 Health Education & Health Promotion
  • In 2016 we launched a range of workplace initiatives, beginning with a smoking cessation support program

CEO Gold Standard

In 2015, Helsinn earned the prestigious Global CEO Cancer Gold Standard accreditation, only the fourth company to do so.

This accreditation recognizes the Company’s worldwide commitment to reducing cancer risk by promoting healthy lifestyle choices, encouraging early detection through cancer screenings, and ensuring quality care, thereby improving quality of life and increasing productivity for employees around the globe.

The CEO Roundtable on Cancer, a nonprofit organization of CEOs, founded by former President George H.W. Bush, developed and administers the Gold Standard, an employee wellness framework based on taking concrete actions in five key areas to address cancer in the workplace.

Nearly 200 private, nonprofit and government employers in a wide range of occupational categories have earned Gold Standard accreditation, including the National Cancer Institute (NCI) and a number of NCI-designated cancer centers.