Training and Communication

For Helsinn is crucial to have an effective Compliance Program and a key element of this program is the training and communication component. In order to support Helsinn employees and meet their needs, Compliance Department organizes different type of training: below you can discover more about our face-to-face training, e-learning training and communication activities & key messages. Additionally, we measured trends in ethical attitudes and practices with an Integrity survey addressed to all levels of job responsibility: the results helped our department to monitor the effectiveness of programs and to develop or to adapt targeted measures.

Face-to-Face Training

Face-to-face training on the Helsinn Code for Caring is mandatory for all of Helsinn employees worldwide. With the face-to-face training, Helsinn makes every effort to educate and empower our employees to think around real case scenario with responses, connections and reactions.

As a result of participating in this session, participants are expected to increase their understanding about the Code for Caring and their responsibility as personnel to be aware of and adhere to this Code.

In addition the training is helping attendees to:

  • understand why Helsinn employees should be ethical and what employees get out of being ethical
  • identify how ethics affect teamwork, productivity and the reputation of the company
  • understand ethic codes, values and ethic programs
  • learn how to address and resolve ethical dilemmas and how to make moral decisions
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E-Learning Training

“ It's essential to cultivate an ethical culture across the organization “

Helsinn provides the Group personnel with an e-learning platform, for on-line compliance training purposes: the Learning Management System (LMS) helps Helsinn employees to get through their daily tasks, ease their decision making and strengthen Helsinn’s compliance culture.

This learning platform can help Helsinn achieve greater compliance training completion rates and easily track the progress of learners to prove how compliant our organization is. The new Helsinn LMS provides an engaging and learning-rich environment that can be accessed anytime and anywhere via Internet. It’s easy-to-use and is customized to meet each of our employees’ learning & development needs and it can be run on all devices.

As integrity is the basis of our successful business and our culture, we translated the course in all the languages spoken within the Group in order to allow anyone to get a deeper understanding of our business ethics standards.

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Communication Activities and Key Messages for Employees

A compliance and ethics newsletter from the Compliance Department (U-COMPLY) is electronically distributed to Helsinn employees quarterly. The Newsletter is intended to help communicate the value and purpose of compliance and ethics to the Helsinn Group personnel.

The compliance newsletter is a means to increase compliance awareness generally within our company and share information about the important legal and ethical issues that impact our business: consequences of non-compliance with external and internal standards may include damage to our reputation, prosecution, fines or imprisonment, loss of confidence in Helsinn’s products and loss of business.

“ At Helsinn, we are all responsible for understanding the important legal and ethical issues that impact our business and for acting with integrity at all times. Integrity means more than just complying with the law. It is one of Helsinn’s core values.“

Kyriaki Merakli

Group Compliance Officer

Acting with integrity is everyone’s responsibility, regardless of position, location or level of seniority. This means that, all employees have a responsibility to:

  • Take the initiative to educate yourself about the policies and procedures that apply to your work
  • Carefully read, understand and comply with our Code for Caring, policies and procedures
  • Comply with all applicable healthcare legal requirements, FDA and EMA requirements and all other laws and regulations
  • Ask questions if you are unsure or need guidance
  • Report (and never ignore) any known or suspected violations of our Code for Caring, the law, Company policy or other requirements
  • Annually acknowledge and certify that you have read, understand and will comply with our Code for caring
  • Participate in any required training

 If you are an officer, director or manager, you have additional responsibilities to:

  • Act as a role model by demonstrating a commitment to Helsinn’s culture of ethics, integrity and trust
  • Be an approachable, trusted and open resource for colleagues
  • Ensure colleagues have access to the information and training necessary to perform their work in compliance with our Code for Caring, policies and procedures
  • Respond promptly and follow through on any concerns raised
  • Be appreciative and supportive to those who raise issues and concerns in an honest manner
  • Comply and promote compliance with our Non-Retaliation policy
  • Uphold Helsinn’s commitment to compliance by enforcing our Code for Caring and implementing appropriate corrective action or discipline for misconduct
  • Comply and promote compliance with our Non-Retaliation policy
  • Uphold Helsinn’s commitment to compliance by enforcing our Code for Caring and implementing appropriate corrective action or discipline for misconduct
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The Helsinn Integrity Culture Survey

Measuring corporate culture is important to know and to understand employees’ perception and actual behaviors, to develop and to adapt targeted measures and programs and to monitor the effectiveness of measures and programs.

During September 2017 a global Integrity Culture survey was conducted by a professional services firm, which measured integrity on eight dimensions: clarity, role modeling, enabling environment, support of employees for Integrity, transparency, openness to discuss dilemmas, comfort to report misconduct, and enforcement. The questionnaire was provided in three languages (English, Italian and Standard Chinese) to accommodate all participants’ needs.

The final report provided an overview of respondent demographics and explains the overall scores focusing on three core themes: Integrity Culture, Excess Factor and Integrity Risk Climate. This report presented the results at total organization level and was complemented by four additional country-specific reports for Switzerland, USA, Ireland and China.


  • Scientific research has shown that eight cultural drivers can have a real or potential effect on behaviour
  • These generic factors form the base of an organizational culture and influence the actual behaviour of people involved
  • When these drivers are further developed, the likelihood of desired behaviour increases and the risk of undesirable behaviour is mitigated
  • Absence of one conduct driver will impact the effectiveness of the set of cultural drivers as a whole
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