Resolving Issues

Helsinn promotes and endorses ethical, professional and socially responsible behavior. Any violation of the law or of the Code for Caring may lead to disciplinary action or measures, which may include reprimands, warnings, demotion or termination of employment.

All potential integrity concerns are reviewed by Compliance department: this office drives investigative processes in order to detect, investigate and remediate compliance issues to ensure compliance with the Helsinn Code for Caring and all applicable laws, policies and procedures.


All Helsinn employees are expected to meet company’s standards and behave appropriately in the workplace. When improper conduct has been detected, Helsinn should take reasonable steps to respond appropriately to the conduct, and to prevent further similar conduct from occurring in the future, including any modifications to the organizations compliance and ethics program.

Our compliance program supports prompt response and remedial actions for detected problems as appropriate under the circumstances. It is expected that compliance concerns referred through any of the many communication channels (personal contact, email, Compliance Helpline, etc.) will be carefully reviewed, thoroughly and thoughtfully investigated in a timely manner, and appropriately resolved.

In most cases, employees should be given an opportunity to improve before disciplinary action is imposed. However, this is not always true and the company may proceed immediately to disciplinary action if the employee’s act is serious or flagrant enough to justify immediate discipline.

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Any allegation is investigated promptly by the appropriate member(s) of a cross-functional team led by the Group Compliance Officer.  In some instances, a third party such as a law firm may conduct the investigation or the investigation may be conducted under the direction of the legal department.  The findings are typically discussed with management and Human Resources for response and remediation.

The findings are typically discussed with leadership and Human Resources and a final set of remediation actions are agreed upon. Management typically has responsibility for overseeing the implementation of the remedial action.

In most cases, the complainant will be informed that the investigation has concluded and that the matter has been addressed.

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Disciplinary Action

“ Any violation may lead to disciplinary action or other measures which may include reprimands, warnings, demotion or termination of employment “

Employee corrective action plans, including disciplinary action as appropriate, are consistent with the organization’s commitment to ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations, the Code for Caring, all other Compliance Standards, and all the applicable laws and regulations.

Appropriate disciplinary actions could range from a reprimand with additional training, to a demotion, to termination.

Suspected violations will be thoroughly investigated and analyzed and may result in appropriate remedial and/or disciplinary action, including but not limited to:

  • Informal or Formal warnings up to and including termination for any employee, regardless of his or her job classification; or
  • Contractual and other remedies up to and including termination of contract for any contractor;

 Performance management and improvement, training and/or disciplinary action up to and including termination will be taken on a fair and equitable basis and all levels of employees are subject to the same disciplinary action for commission of similar offenses under similar circumstances.

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