Compliance Program

Compliance has a number of key responsibilities within Helsinn, including running the Compliance Program, developing standards of conduct, policies and practices, auditing and monitoring activities as appropriate (then implementing corrective measures as necessary), identifying and addressing risks. Today, the legal risk faced by companies has become strategic, due also to the increase of legal norms, rules and regulations, both professional and social. The business conduct by and for the company should be based on responsibility and ethical behavior. By being compliant, the company can reduce risks and threats and increase business opportunities. By reducing non-compliance risk, the company commits itself to a path of even greater compliance, the creation of added value. Our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics, ‘the Helsinn Code for Caring’, is a key document and establishes the standards we must observe. It is a concrete sign of our approach towards ethical and sustainable way of doing business.

Helsinn Therapeutics (US) Compliance Program

Helsinn Therapeutics (U.S.) Inc. has established a comprehensive Compliance Program in accordance with the April 2003 “Compliance Program Guidance for Pharmaceutical Manufacturers” (“OIG Guidance”) and the “Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) Code.” To learn more about Helsinn Therapeutics (U.S.) Inc. Compliance Program or to access our annual declaration of compliance with the California Health & Safety Code please click on the following links: 

Helsinn Therapeutics (U.S.) Inc., Comprehensive Compliance Program 

Helsinn Therapeutics (U.S.) Inc., California Declaration 2019