Helsinn Advanced Synthesis

Holding a GMP certificate since 1984, production has been completely dedicated to products requiring cGMP, with a clear focus on serving the Pharmaceutical Industry. HAS has also placed a high level of emphasis on our internationally renowned Quality System. HAS has also focused on sustainable production practices which protect the environment. Since early 2000, the plants have been ISO 14001 certified, as a part of Helsinn’s ongoing commitment towards International environmental protection. The continuous work on Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) also led to the OHSAS 18001 certification in 2005; we were one of the first chemical plants in Switzerland to achieve this status. In addition, the Helsinn Advanced Synthesis’ Sustainability report was approved by GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) and issued in 2012. Helsinn Group’s first Sustainability Report, approved by GRI and issued in December 2015, provides an updated situation of its production facilities in HAS. HAS has been successfully approved consecutively by the Swiss authorities and by the US, EMA and Japanese PMDA as well as by several other national boards, maintaining a flawless quality record. HAS has the capacity to produce a huge range of different batch sizes, from tens of tons to a few grams, depending on the requirements. Investment is ongoing to increase production capacity and more importantly, to add new capabilities increasing production flexibility.