Our Mission and Values

At Helsinn, our vision is to help people with cancer get the most out of every day. We are committed to making everything we do - from the products we choose to license to the exacting standards we apply as a pharmaceutical manufacturer - count towards the best supportive care for cancer patients.


Our Mission

To bring respect, integrity and quality to our products, services, and all that we do to improve the health and quality of life in every person affected by cancer.


Our Values

We are a family-run company, and have retained our founding values of quality, integrity and respect, which guide everything we do.


Maintaining the highest standards means we produce world-class solutions aimed at improving the quality of life for people with cancer.


Being honest, ethical and trustworthy is helping us become the cancer care partner of choice.


Treating our partners as we would like to be treated has led to strong, longstanding relationships


Our Vision

To shape the Helsinn Group into one of the world's leading cancer-care companies with a focus on improving patients' quality of life.


Our Commitment

At Helsinn we are committed to estending the reach of our quality care and use our expertise to fulfil more unmet needs, and build better todays for more patients worldwide.