Board and Management

Our Management Team brings together wide-ranging expertise from across the whole of cancer supportive care. We’re focused on pushing further to deliver more life-changing treatments for people with cancer today and in the future.

Our Board

Helsinn Founder, Chairman and Board Member Gabriele Braglia

Gabriele Braglia

Founder Chairman & Board Member

Riccardo Braglia, CEO of the Helsinn Group

Riccardo Braglia

Helsinn Group Vice Chairman and CEO

Helsinn Chief Financial Officer, Board Member and U.S. Board Member Luigi Caletti

Luigi Caletti

Board Member & US Board Member

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Franco De Vecchi

Board Member & US Vice Chairman

Carlo Donati, a member of Helsinn's Board

Carlo Donati

Board Member

Giampaolo Henauer, a member of Helsinn's Management Board

Giampaolo Henauer

Board Member

Paolo Bottini, Helsinn Board Member

Paolo Bottini

Board Member

Our Management

Founder of Helsinn Group and CEO, Riccardo Braglia

Riccardo Braglia

Helsinn Group Vice Chairman and CEO

COO, Swiss and US Board Member Giorgio Calderari

Giorgio Calderari

Group General Manager & Chief Operating Officer & US/Swiss Board Member

Chief Financial Officer for the Helsinn Group, Konrad Wilson

Konrad Wilson

Group Chief Financial Officer

Matteo Missaglia, Chief Legal Officer for Helsinn Group

Matteo Missaglia

Group General Counsel and Chief Legal Officer

Chief Commercial Officer of Helsinn Corporate, Andrea Meoli

Andrea Meoli

Corporate Chief Commercial Officer

Chief Scientific Officer for Helsinn Corporate, Sergio Cantoreggi

Sergio Cantoreggi

Corporate Chief Scientific Officer

Waldo Mossi, a Local General Manager at the Helsinn Group

Waldo Mossi

Local General Manager, Chemical Business, Helsinn Advances Synthesis, Switzerland

Padraig Somers, a Local General Manager at Helsinn

Padraig Somers

Local General Manager, Pharma Business, Helsinn Birex Pharmaceuticals, Ireland

Helsinn U.S. Board Member, William Mann

William Mann

Local President & CEO, & Board Member US, Pharma Business, Helsinn Therapeutics (U.S.), Inc