Internships at Helsinn – Ticino Talent Project

Helsinn believes that everyone should have the opportunity to live and work in the place where they grew up, in their place of origin. For this reason, Helsinn is proud to be part of the Farma Industria Ticino’s (FIT) Ticino Talent Project in Switzerland. This project aims to attract young people from Ticino, but also university students who study beyond Gotthard by offering excellent working conditions, professional stimuli and growth opportunities for the future.

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Helsinn in the Ticino pharmaceutical sector

Helsinn in the Ticino pharmaceutical sector

Helsinn is part of the Ticino chemical-pharmaceutical sector, which is highly developed and boasts an excellent reputation as a worldwide production chain. The third industry in Switzerland, Ticino includes companies with commercial, production and R&D activities, representing 8% of the cantonal GDP. The Ticinese sector pole is constantly growing and offers excellent working conditions as well as various business benefits.

How does the internship work

How does the internship work

What is the Ticino Talent Project in Switzerland? Farma Industria Ticino’s (FIT) Ticino Talent Project in Switzerland aims to offer Italian-speaking students who attend a university in Switzerland an internship in one of its affiliated companies.

Which are the designated faculties? The faculties considered are the scientific ones, with particular reference to medicine, pharmacy, chemistry and chemical engineering.

How long does the internship last? The internship in the company is typically 3-6 months.

Who can apply for an internship? The internship is open to all Italian-speaking students attendingn a Swiss university (in a scientific faculty). Admission will be based on an initial test and/or interview.

Why Ticino Talent Project in Switzerland? The initiative offers a unique opportunity to meet the working world in the canton of origin. In addition to building an important network, the student can lay the foundation for his/her future career in Ticino.

Where can I find the internship opportunities? Internships are available on the Talent Project website and on the Estage Project website.



"Working in a dynamic and innovative environment is definitely an experience that makes you grow both professionally and personally. The internship at Helsinn was a fantastic experience, allowing me to work on multiple projects and use my academic knowledge finding the right mix of independent work and coaching."

Drug Safety intern


"I enjoyed the time I spent in Helsinn, where I had the opportunity to experience a complex and well-structured reality, following exciting international projects. My colleagues welcomed me with great kindness and good will, making me feel immediately one of the team."

Human Resources intern


"In Helsinn I had the opportunity to work in an extremely technological environment, using state-of-the-art techniques and tools. In addition, this internship has allowed me to expand my work network and basically helped me lay the foundation for my professional future."

Clinical Development intern